How to Set Up Email Forwarders in cPanel

How to Set Up Email Forwarders in cPanel (From One Email Account to Another)

1) Log in to your cPanel:

2) click on "Forwarders" under the Mail section.

3) Click on "Add Forwarder".

4) Choose the email address you would like to forward from.

5) Type in the email address you want mail to be sent to.

6) Click on "Add Forwarder".

Note: this feature is not available for Shared/Reseller packages. We have removed this to prevent the server from becoming blacklisted by major networks such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, AT&T, AOL, MSN for sending spam.

You can also add a forwarder for the domain by clicking on "Add Domain Forwarder" in "Forwarers". This will allow all emails from one domain to another (Warning: Forwarding a domain's email will override the default address for that domain.).