Migrate Accounts from Other Servers to InterWorx

If you have accounts you need to move from Linux servers to your server with InterWorx, there are several tools designed to make this process easy.

If you have an InterWorx server with HostDime, feel free to contact us to help you with your data migration. Our experts will take the hassle out of this process.

Migrate Accounts

The first step is to migrate accounts from another server.

Migrations must be done by an InterWorx administrator (not a reseller or regular user) and they must have direct root access to the source server if the mass import tool is going to be used. If a single account is going to be imported then root access is not required on the source server, only access to a full unencrypted backup made by the other control panel.

Select the type of control panel you are trying to move accounts from in the tabs below.

cPanel Plesk Linux DirectAdmin InterWorx

Post-Migration Investigation

While InterWorx will take care of a lot of data migration tasks, there are still a few things that you or your clients may need to do afterwards. Here are a list of some things you should investigate or change as needed:

  • DNS changes: Your clients may need to update the nameservers that their domains point to or their custom nameserver IP addresses so that they point to your InterWorx server. Several things like mail and the user's website may not work properly until DNS propagation is complete.
  • Check the website: Your clients should check to make sure their website works as expected after the transfer. Don't forget that if the migration changed the name of a database or database user that a web script relies on, that will need to be updated manually in the web script's database configuration file.
  • Try logging into mail: Not only may users need to adjust the mail account connection details in their email clients, but they should also ensure that all mail they expect is in the account and that new mail is arriving.
  • Check other services like FTP to make sure they work as expected, too.
  • You may need to manually copy over some additional data from the source server (like Softaculous or Fantastico information if those things are in use on both servers).

Do not delete the data from the source server until you are sure the import was successful and everything is working properly.

Congratulations on your successful migration!