Configure Incoming Mail for HostDime's Email Filter Service

Configuring a domain to use HostDime's Email Filter service is easy once we've informed you that the service is prepared for your domain(s).

There are really only three steps:

  1. Change the domain's MX record(s) to point to HostDime's Premium Antispam.
  2. Ensure that the local mail server is still configured to receive mail.
  3. Ensure that our service is exempted from SPF checks by your local mail server.

Here are some specific directions for how to accomplish these tasks on some common platforms.

From WHM From cPanel InterWorx - From NodeWorx as Admin InterWorx - From SiteWorx as User From Plesk From Other Types of Servers

After making these changes, try sending some email to your newly configured domain. If you run into problems, please feel free to contact us any time.


Some mail servers may continue to send mail directly to your mail server for a few hours (depending on your MX record TTL value) after the change. This is normal. Once several hours have passed, the amount of spam should be greatly reduced.

Also, it is not uncommon for some spammers to completely ignore the MX records and try to deliver mail directly to your mail server to try to avoid mail filtering services like ours. If you have every domain on your server filtered through our service, contact us, and we can help you configure your mail server to only permit incoming mail connections from our mail servers. Alternately, follow these directions to filter out that direct spam for only that specific domain.