Managed Services and On-Demand Hours Policy

HostDime has recently updated our managed support model. Here is a brief overview of our managed services and on-demand hours policy.

HostDime's services include four different management levels to suit your specific needs. You can see the full list of differences here:

On-demand hours are used to fulfill requests that are not automatically covered by a client's management tier, and receive varying amounts of on-demand hours to use each month. These hours act as a limited currency, and can be used "on-demand" to request assistance for items outside the scope of our normal managed services.

When support requests exceed available on-demand hours, the difference is charged at a per hour rate at the end of the month (please note that we will ask for confirmation before carrying out requests that will result in additional charges).

For example, if your management tier is "Managed", you would get 1 on-demand hour each month, and additional on-demand hours are $150/hour. At the beginning of each month, you will be given 1 on-demand hour to use as you see fit. These hours do not roll over to the next month. 

Troubleshooting client sites and applications such as a WordPress website is not something that's covered by default in any of the management tiers. If we investigate the issue, and find that the issue is not caused by some underlying failure of your managed infrastructure and is caused by an application or site issue, we would deduct on-demand hours for our labor. Even though there is a chance there is an underlying issue that would be covered by management, we request approval to use on-demand hours ahead of time to investigate issues that do not normally fall under the scope of managed support.

For any questions you may have, don't hesitate to open up a ticket here: