How Plesk Compares to cPanel or InterWorx

Are you wondering what web hosting control panel is right for your needs? Look no further! We've taken the time to compare and contrast the top three hosting control panel options for you.

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Overall Recommendations

We understand you're busy, so we've distilled everything down to a few key points for you.

InterWorx cPanel Plesk

Bottom Line

All three control panels are excellent choices, so long as you understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Control Panel Comparison Charts

This section will show you what features the various control panels support.

Legend for Charts

= Feature Included
= Feature not Available
⚫︎ = Feature Available for Extra Charge, via External Add-On, or Third-Party Product
n/a = Not Applicable

Platform Support Services Offered System Administration Features End-User Features

We hope you've found our comparison of InterWorx vs. cPanel vs. Plesk useful. These are the top web hosting control panels available today. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.