Alternative SSL Validation Method (HTTP-Based Hash)

NOTE: If this is a renewal, do not use the same CSR from last year. Comodo will require a fresh CSR.


Step 1: Contact our Sales Team for your CSR Hash Values and Unique Value.

Step 2: Now that you have the TWO hash values and Unique value, open up Notepad file and enter the SHA256 hash value followed by on the 2nd line, then the unique value on the last line (no space in between the two lines):

NOTE: Do NOT include the " SHA256 = " portion. Only enter the values.


Step 3: Save the text file on your desktop with the MD5 hash value as the filename. Therefore, your filename in this case would be:



Step 4: Log into the root directory of the domain's webserver (served over HTTP-only):

  • Log into WHM then locate the cPanel account for that domain name

  • Once you are logged into their cPanel, click on "File Manager" and choose the "Web Root (public_html/www)" option.  Then click "Go."

  • Create a temporary NEW folder called:   .well-known

  • Under that folder, now create another NEW folder called: pki-validation

  • Upload your .txt hash file to this folder.

  • Go back to the File Manager.  You can confirm there that the file has been successfully uploaded.

  • You should now be able to visit the following URL successfully and see the hash code along with "":



Step 5: Contact our Sales Team and provide them with that URL. We will make sure Comodo issues the SSL.

Step 6: Install your SSL. Resource Guide:  *Remember to go back to cPanel and remove the .txt file!